april 8TH - APRIL 13th

Wednesday April 17th

2.00pm – 5.00pm    Registration of Yachts. Final day of registration for Double-ender fishing boats  – Plantation Hotel bar area

Thursday April 18th

10.00am – 3.30pm    Registration of Yachts – Plantation Hotel bar area (Please register in good time!)

5.30pm            Yachts and Double Enders Skippers Briefing and Party – Race HQ, Plantation Hotel veranda

                Preceded and followed by music from ‘Kyron & Clear Eyes’. 2 for 1 rum punch

                All race participants, Sailing Club members, family and friends welcome        

Friday April 19th            FLOW First Day of Yacht Races

8.45am             Start of Double ender ‘Big Boat Challenge’. Hamilton to Southside; finish in Hamilton

10.00am            Start of FLOW Friendship Bay Yacht Race, and J24 and Surprise Races        

5.30 for 6.00pm        Yacht and Double-Enders Races, Results and Prize-giving, and Bequia Sailing Club and Sponsors Welcome Party at Race HQ, Plantation Hotel veranda, with free rum punch for the first hour. 

Immediately followed by dancing and music from ‘Rockstone’ at Plantation Hotel bar area

All race participants, Sailing Club members, family and friends invited    

Saturday April 20th        HAIROUN Second Day of Yacht Races

8.45am             Start of HAIROUN CHALLENGE Double Ender Race II at Hamilton; finish at Paget Farm

9.00am            Start of J24 and Surprise Classes 3-race Series

10.00am            Start of Around Bequia Yacht Race in Admiral Bay; finish in Lower Bay            

5.30pm            Yacht and Double-Enders Races, Results and Prize-giving at the Fig Tree Restaurant, Belmont Walkway.

    Immediately followed by Sailing Club and Sponsors Get-Together party at the Fig Tree with dancing to ‘Kyron and Clear Eyes’

                All race participants, Sailing Club members, family and friends invited

Sunday April 21st        SPARROWS PREMIUM RUM third day of Yacht and Double Enders Races

8.30am    Start of SPARROWS PREMIUM RUM Single-handed Around Bequia yacht race, in Admiralty Bay, finishing in Lower Bay

8.45am            Start of FLOW CHALLENGE Double-Ender Race III. Start at Paget farm and finish at Hamilton

10.30am             Start of Optimist and Laser Classes fun races for youngsters in Admiralty Bay

7.00pm            Hairouna Film Festival – Bequia Sailing Club hosts St Vincent’s First Film Festival. Exclusive film showing of local and Caribbean-made films on     the lawn outside Plantation Hotel bar area.

Monday April 22nd        SPARROWS PREMIUM RUM fourth day of Yacht and Double Enders Races

8.45am             Start of Double-Ender Race IV. Start at Paget Farm and finish off Hamilton Point

9.00am            Start of ACTION BEQUIA CHALLENGE J24 and Surprise Classes 2-race series 

10.00am            Start of SPARROWS PREMIUM RUM Admiralty Bay Triangle yacht race, finish in Lower Bay 

4.30pm            GRAND REGATTA PRIZE-GIVING – Race HQ, Plantation Hotel veranda - today’s and overall results Relax with soft jazz from Jan and Louis.         Everybody welcome!

All yacht and double-ender races will start punctually at the published time

Other start times are approximate and subject to change

Race days and courses may under exceptional circumstances have to be changed to accommodate weather conditions at the time

Check ‘Bequia This Week’ or the Tourism Office for details of all other Easter weekend activities

Regatta HQ opening times:

        Wednesday 17th        10.00am to 5.00pm    

        Thursday to Saturday    8.00am to 6.00pm

        Sunday                Closed (unless by prior appointment)

        Monday 22nd            8.00am to 5.30pm

Regatta news daily updates:        08.15am on VHF 68 (available around Admiralty Bay area)

Racing VHF channels:            Yachts: channel. 6  Double-enders: channel 9 

        Above for communications only – for emergencies use channel 16

        Non-race participants please keep channels 6 and 9 clear


Contact Information:     The Bequia Sailing Club 

                    Box 220 

                    Bequia VC0400

                    St. Vincent & the Grenadines

General Inquiries: bequiasailingclub@gmail.com 

Regatta Secretary: (784) 495-2000

Race Office / Yacht inquiries: yachts@bequiaregatta.com 

Race Office / Yachts: (784) 431-6632

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