1.1 The Bequia Easter Regatta is organized by the Bequia Sailing Club. Regatta headquarters are located at the Frangipani Hotel.




2.1 The regatta will be governed by the Rules as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), 2017 CSA rules, and these Sailing Instructions except where these are changed by the Racing Information page in the Programme or the J24 Class Declaration and Amendments.


2.2 CSA Rule A7 (crew weight restrictions) will not apply, except in the J24 Class.


2.3 All boats shall comply with Bequia Easter Regatta Minimum Safety Recommendations as posted on the Bequia Easter Regatta website and on the Official Notice Board. The Race Committee may conduct spot checks during the regatta. Anchors shall not be carried over the bow or stern while racing.

2.4 All classes shall race with a minimum of three adult crew on board, except in the Hairoun Single-Handed Race on Sunday April 16th 2017.



3.1 Notices to competitors will be posted on the Official Notice Board which will be posted at the Frangipani Hotel Race Headquarters. An official Results Board will also be located here. An additional Results Board will be located at the prize-givings indicated with “*” below.  






















3.2 Changes to the Sailing Instructions will be posted by 0800hrs on the day they take effect. Any change to the schedule of races or change of courses to be sailed will be posted by 2000 hrs on the day before it will take effect. Signals ashore will be flown from a flagpole at Race Headquarters.


3.3 VHF Radio - The R/C will be operating on VHF Channel 06. When appropriate, the R/C may broadcast non-prejudicial information to competitors on this channel. Competitors shall not make transmissions on this channel except in the event of an emergency, or to inform the R/C of retirement from a race or of a protest.


3.4 Time check - The R/C may broadcast an official time check on VHF Channel 06 at 0830 to 0930hrs each race day, followed by an announcement of any changes to the Sailing Instructions that have been posted.




4.1 Eligible boats may be entered by completing an entry form and submitting it together with a valid measurement certificate (if applicable) and the required entry fee to the Regatta Registrar by the deadline for entries at 3.30pm on Thursday 13th April. Late entries may be accepted at the discretion of the Race Committee but may be subject to penalty on the entry fee. Boats will not be scored unless entered.




5.1 The Classes racing and Courses to be sailed by each Class will be determined after the close of registration by a committee appointed by the Race Committee and Organizing Authority.


5.2 The number of classes and the assignment of a yacht to a particular Class rest solely with this Committee.




6.1 Each yacht will receive a Class flag at the Skipper’s Briefing on Thursday April14th at 1730 hrs. Class flags shall be displayed at all times while racing. Flags shall be flown from the backstay above the level of the pulpit. In the absence of a backstay, Class flags shall be flown from the starboard shroud or signal halyard at least six feet above deck level. Apart from the class, protest or penalty flag(s), no other flag(s) shall be flown while racing, except where provided by an official named day race sponsor.




Racing        White

Cruising I    Blue

Cruising II   Green

J24           Pink

Surprise      Class insignia




7.1 The racing areas and course descriptions are designated in Regatta Programme pages 7,9,12,15. The J24 & Surprise Class course descriptions are on a separate sheet in the Regatta Programme.

7.2 In all cases the written course description shall govern over the course diagram.

7.3 MARKS: All course marks will be orange inflatable; start mark and finish mark will be orange inflatable.

7.4 Positions of marks shown in course diagrams are approximate.

7.5 Competitors should be aware that the Admiralty Mark has an orange inflatable Offset Mark to the northwest. This orange inflatable Offset Mark must be left to Port by all boats, in all classes, in all races.



8.1 The starting line will be between the staff displaying a Yellow Flag or shape on the    R/C boat and the nearby mark.

8.2 The first warning signal for Friday's races is scheduled for 0955 hrs.

8.3.1 The first warning signals for Saturday & Monday's races for all classes except J 24 & Surprise Classes is scheduled for 0955 hrs.

8.3.2 The J 24 & Surprise Classes will be racing different courses from the rest of the fleet, and their warning signals on Saturday and Monday are scheduled as follows:

Saturday: (first race of 3-race series) 0855 hrs

Monday:   (first race of 2-race series)  0855 hrs

8.3.3 The warning signal for the Single Handed race on Sunday 16th will be 0825 hrs.




9.1 Races will be started as per RRS 26


9.2 Classes will start in the following order:


1st Racing Class

2nd Cruising Class l

3rd Cruising Class II

4th J24 & Surprise Class (when applicable).


9.2.1 Where changes to this sequence arise following completion for registration, these will be announced at Skippers Briefing.

9.3 Additional classes and starts will be added as necessary depending on entries.

9.4 KEEPING CLEAR. Competitors are reminded of RRS 24.1. Boats whose WARNING signal has not been made shall keep clear of the starting area and of official R/C boats. When the J24 & Surprise Classes are using the start line as their finish line, boats in other Classes waiting to start must keep clear of the line and of J24 & Surprise boats still racing, wherever they may be on the course.

9.5 No boat shall cross the start/finish line except when starting or finishing, except where so required by the course description. This amends RRS 28.1.

The start/finish line ranks as an obstruction and boats may only cross to start or finish.

9.6 A boat in the J24 Class or Surprise Class starting later than 4 minutes after her starting signal shall be scored “Did Not Start” without a hearing. This amends rule A4.2



10.1 The finish line will be between a staff displaying a yellow flag on the beach in Lower Bay and an orange mark.



11.1 A boat may take any penalty under either RRS 44.1 (Taking a Penalty) or RRS 44.3 (Scoring Penalty).

11.2 RRS 44.3(a) is changed to allow either a Yellow Flag or an “I” flag. All boats that have taken a scoring penalty in accordance with 44.3 shall present a written declaration on a form at the protest desk at race headquarters prior to the end of protest time. A boat seen with a Yellow / “I” flag on the course and not reporting as required in this section will be penalized 40%. This changes RRS 44.3.

11.3 A yacht that acknowledges breaking a rule of RRS Part 2 after finishing and before the protest hearing shall receive a penalty of 30% as calculated under 44.3 (c) but not less than 3 places.

RRS Appendix T1 POST RACE PENALTIES will apply. T1 is modified to also allow a penalty of 30% of the difference between her finish position and the number of entrees in her fleet, whichever penalty is less.

11.4 Penalties for rule infractions other than RRS Part 2 are at the discretion of the Protest Committee, and could include disqualification or an alternate penalty.




12.1 The time limit for the first boat is 1600hrs, except for the Monday race when it is 1400hrs. Any yacht finishing after the time limit will be required to record its finish time and notify the Race Committee of both this finish time and their relation to other boats ahead and behind. Competitors are reminded of RRS 32.1 and RRS 35.



13.1 If a boat withdraws from a race she shall notify the R/C by VHF Channel 06 or, failing this, she shall notify a member of the Race Committee immediately upon reaching shore.

13.2 A boat which fails to notify the Race Committee of her withdrawal may be protested.




14.1 The R/C will post the close of Protest Time which, for each Class, is one (1) hour after the last boat of that Class has finished the last race of the day. Additionally, all boats that have been penalized by the R/C and all protests reported to the R/C will be posted on the Official Notice Board at the Frangipani Hotel as soon as possible. The time limit for requesting redress for these RC actions is the close of Protest Time or one hour after the posting of these RC Penalties whichever is later.


14.2 All protests will be heard by a jury as soon as possible after filing. Protest forms are available at the protest desk at Race Headquarters.


14.3 It is strongly recommended that protesting boats both notify the R/C Boat of their intention to protest and the identity of the boat being protested, and receive acknowledgement of their intent to protest from the R/C boat at the finish line. This communication may be oral or on the designated VHF channel.

14.4 A protest involving damage may be heard by the jury even though the requirements of RRS 61.1(a) have not been met. This modifies RRS 60.3 (a).


14.5 Measurement protests will not be accepted after the expiry of Protest Time for the last class on the first day of racing.




15.1 The low Point Scoring System of Appendix A of the RRS will apply. Each boat's series score will be the total of all her race scores. Three races are scheduled for Racing, Surprise, Cruising I, Cruising II, and six for the J24 Class, of which one must be completed to constitute a series.

The Single-handed Race shall not count towards the series score; all other races shall count. This changes RRS Appendix A, Section A2.



16.1 Provisional results will be posted on the official Results Board at the Race Headquarters as soon as possible after each race.




17.1 All boats shall be afloat before the first warning signal on the first day of racing and shall not be hauled out during the regatta except in an emergency or with the written permission of the Race Committee.




18.1 Competitors are reminded that the Fundamental Rules RRS 2 and 4 and RRS 69 apply to the items of this section.


18.2 As a condition of entering and competing in this regatta, skippers and crew accept that they have sole and inescapable responsibility for the management and safety of their boat and crew and that neither the Organizing Authority, Race Committee, Jury, Sponsors or any of their members, employees or representatives bear any responsibility for any loss, damage, loss of life or injury to persons or yachts which may occur, however caused, before, during or after the regatta.



18.3 The skipper of each boat competing in the regatta shall be responsible for the behavior of each member of his/her crew and guests of the boat while attending any official Bequia Easter Regatta 2017 function.


18.4 In the case of any serious breach of conduct, the boat may be banned from further competition in the regatta or future events organized by the Bequia Sailing Club.

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