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Easter Regatta 2019


april 18TH - APRIL 22ND

The Heritage Boats


The tradition of sailing in these islands is spread by the popularity, mystique and competition between this class of boats. Every feature tinkered with until the very moment they set off, they are an embodiment of the “rugged individualism” that have preserved islands and the natives for centuries.


On the winds of time the historic whaleboat has transformed into a racer.The competition that seems like a simple race to the finish is actually multilayered conglomeration of competitive energies that starts with the boat builders and ends with the fans! Ship builder vs Ship builder, Boat vs Boat,  Team vs Team, Captain vs Captain, Village vs Village, Island vs Island.


Much like the machines in the F1 Championship, no two boats are the same even when built buy the same ship builder. Hull shape, draft, sail size and design and batten, even bow shape are a few of the simple differences the watcher may notice, a true heritage fan can tell you which boat will win in which weather. 


Much of the excitement around the regatta will be around the heritage boats. Be sure to take in a few of the races.

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